Seanie's Comedy SODcast - Episode 4 Christmas Special with Michael Daley

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  • Year: 2013

Episode 4 of the SODcast was mostly recorded LIVE on location at the Christmas Gathering of the Comedy Cuntlective at The Chandos, St Martins Lane London WC2

The only voice worth hearing from the Facebook Comedy Cuntlective Clique was that of Michael Daley who had some very interesting questions, topics and insights

Open mic stand-ups, are they wasting their time? how many of them will ever make it a career? how many mainstream TV comics have got where they are because their Fathers work in TV? who are the open mic acts likely to break through? is TV comedy a meritocracy?

Stand up comedy, is it pure self indulgence?

Yet more observations on observational comedy

How has comedy altered / progressed since the birth of "Alternative Comedy" in the 1980's

JOKE THIEVES! what are they like?